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For 35 years, WAMP has advocated on behalf of a strong and healthy business climate for Washington state. Our Government Affairs team represents every licensed loan originator and industry participants each year on policy issues that directly impact residential mortgage lending, business expansion and the state's overall economic climate.

WAMP's Government Affairs team collaborates with members from around the state to develop and refine the association's Legislative Objectives. These policy conversations turn into research documents, talking points and eventually serve as the guiding principles behind WAMP's legislative actions each session for the year in Olympia.  

Members have the opportunity to review and comment on the Legislative Objectives at the WAMP's regional Government Affairs meetings. Recommended edits are the reviewed and approved by the WAMP Government Affairs Chair and presented to the Board for review.  

Washington’s mortgage industry participants and consumers are under constant cost and regulatory pressure, where Washington State businesses bear a large part of the state and local tax burden. It is imperative that 2021-2022 legislative challenges are met and resolved in a way that protects our real estate communities, enhances reasonable & prudent lending, and does not inhibit Washington’s ability to maintain, and grow economic opportunity statewide, compete with lower‐cost states, and upholds certainty and fairness for taxpayers.  

The Washington Association of Mortgage Professionals is the premier advocate for all matters affecting residential real estate lending and private property rights in the residential context.

Currently, without a dedicated lobbyist, WAMP has a devoted group of dynamic individuals who voluntarily meet and lobby on behalf of the Residential real estate lending industry both at the state and federal levels, and works closely with other state industry trade associations to have a COLLECTIVE VOICE. 

WAMP needs YOU to step up and be heard! Ask us about Volunteering today!


Government Affairs Committee
Governance Committee
WAMP All-Volunteer Board 

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To assist the Board in carrying out its oversight responsibilities relating to the composition of the Board and certain corporate governance matters including, but not limited to:·

○ The Board itself
○ WAMP Bylaws
○ Elections
      Board recruitment
      Annual meeting

Bylaws are the rules and principles that define your governing structure. They serve as your nonprofit's architectural framework. Although bylaws aren't required to be public documents, consider making them available to the public to boost your nonprofit's accountability and transparency.

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